If you don’t know now you know. Weekend soon come. We got music from South Africa, Togo, Ghana, Senegal, Zambia, Kenya, Ireland and Belgium in this week’s music break. So let’s get started:

South African house producer Oskido is always on the hunt for new musical talent. He’s found it now in the energy and sound of Busiswa. Here’s their track with Uhuru called “Ngoku”:

Uniting Brussels (via Kinshasa) and Queens, emcees Aja Black and Big Samir are The Reminders. Check out their interview on the Sway show and see how they use words for ammunition in “If You Didn’t Know”:

Irish hip-hop musician Rejjie Snow returns with a lyrical story of his name in “Snow” and raises the bar for sonic production:


Togolese singer Papou has the formula for a solid dance joint with “AGO”:

A jazz singer from Ghana’s Volta region, Jojo Abot lived in Brooklyn before returning home to sing and act. Check out this live performance/interview footage to see what she’s about. The return has been good to Jojo. She has performed at the Chale Wote Street Art Festival (which is happening again this weekend in Accra — we’ll have some impressions up on the blog next week) and she stars alongside legendary palmwine singer Koo Nimo in the new film Kwaku Ananse directed by Akosua Adoma Owusu.


One of the best male house singers in the South African game, Shota, presents the new track “Ben10” off his album THE WARRIOR. This one will do some damage on the floor, but too bad his girl in the video seems more attracted to a strange animated character than she is to him:

Senegalese chanteuse Coumba Gawlo, with Pape Thiopet at her side, will give you a taste of laamb wrestling and kola nuts in her latest mbalax jam “Lamb Dji”:

Young Kenyan rapper Cool Kid demonstrates he already has a taste for the mic in the track “Burn Cool” with Mtapa:

Ghanaian producer and talented vocalist Bisa Kdei keeps the momentum from his hit “Azonto Ghost” as he confronts his enemy with personal strength in “Metanfo” (“My enemy”):

And Zambian crew Zone Fam get into the language of the body with “Translate”:

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