A new book shows how Europe is using the energy transition to exploit and under-develop the Arab world.


Henry Kissinger’s Angola

In 1975, seeing how a communist victory in Angola’s civil war would boost the morale of Vietnamese freedom fighters, Henry Kissinger wanted to plan a covert operation against the MPLA.


Weeping for Palestine

In 1987, a band led by a group of South African Jewish brothers released a song against apartheid repression. Today, its lyrics speak to conditions in Palestine as well.

Israel’s Sharpeville moment

It is often imagined that world opinion was always united in its opposition to apartheid in South Africa—it wasn’t. Today, global indifference to Palestine is changing too.


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Climate Politricks

A series on climate justice, tax justice and extractives in African spaces. Funded by Open Society Foundations. Guest edited by Grieve Chelwa.

Social policy is essential to creating more just African countries. Why is it not the norm across the continent?