The weakening of Nigeria’s oil trade unions has a devastating impact on workers. Now workers are paid by Shell and others to sabotage union strikes and actions.


Stop selling out

Ugandan activist and politician Dr. Stella Nyanzi challenges a new generation of women to take up the struggle for political freedoms and revolution.



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Worldwide White Supremacy

The façades of liberal democracy

Once we dismiss the fiction that Enlightenment liberalism and liberal democracy will inoculate western society from fascism, we can begin the project of actively combating right-wing extremism.


Soft targets

What was behind the assassinations in the 1980s of two key anti-apartheid figures: Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme, and senior ANC official, Dulcie September?

Histories of Refuge

This series looks at how people have migrated, sought refuge, and settled, in and out of Africa. Who gets to be called a refugee, and why? We investigate historical and present-day examples from all over the continent. Essays are from the participants of the Rethinking Refuge Workshop. Edited by historian Madina Thiam.