The theme for this year’s Venice Biennale, the ‘olympics of the art world’ is ‘Foreigners Everywhere.’ But beyond representation, what are the barriers to participation?


AFCON 2023

Our coverage of the 2023 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations in Cote d'Ivoire.

Who else sorely misses the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations? Re-live the excitement from the stands in a short video by the AIAC team.


And do not hinder them

We hardly think of children as agents of change. At the height of 1980s apartheid repression in South Africa, a group of activists did and gave them the tool of print.

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The limits of international solidarity

The failure of South African universities to call out Israel’s genocide challenges the assumption that South Africans have a deep appreciation of injustice in Palestine given their similar experiences under apartheid.

The new antisemitism?

Stripped of its veneer of nuance, Noah Feldman’s essay in 'Time' is another attempt to silence opponents of the Israeli state by smearing them as anti-Jewish racists.


Goodbye, Piassa

The demolition of an historic district in Addis Ababa shows a central contradiction of modernization: the desire to improve the country while devaluing its people and culture.