Whether you’re in the Netherlands, Australia or Mexico, it seems Africa looks the same (but you already knew that). In yet another “original” 2010 World Cup promo, we find actors and newscasters from Mexico’s Televisa network “on the way to South Africa.” And no, they’re not lost—they’re in Africa, where you find only animals roaming through the bush and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is in constant rotation. The big laughs come at 0:39 when Enrique Burak, apparently well-known for commenting on sports outside of his expertise, is eaten by a crocodile. The dialogue that follows translates as such:

“What now?”

“Well, he didn’t know that much about soccer anyway, right?”

“Ahh, good point.”

According to the LA Times, the strategy for these promos (you can view another here) is to showcase familiar faces from Televisa in a setting that evokes Africa for typical viewers, which would include that sunset, that wildlife, that look, let’s say, of an African safari. Says Guillermo Roman, marketing director for Televisa Sports, “We’re conscious that there is much more complexity” in South Africa. “Yes, there is cliché, but this is more about getting a smile from people, creating goodwill, so that after that, they see the depth of our work.”

The depth of their work remains to be seen.

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