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Sonja Sugira

Sonja Sugira was the first person, outside founder Sean Jacobs, to contribute to Africa is a Country.


Tit for Tat

As the dominant narrative about Paul Kagame began to change, some Western journalists failed to catch up. They get mad when that's pointed out.

Truth Will Out

The United Nations just made public a report about human rights abuses committed by Rwandan troops against Hutu refugees in then-Zaire in 1996-1997.

Out of Africa Redux

Bono and Ali Hewson, his wife, wants to revitalize apparel manufacturing in sub-Saharan Africa by manufacturing the clothes from their brand in China and Peru.

Streets is Watching

Why doesn't Shakira just come out and acknowledge her "Waka Waka" is a rip off of a Cameroonian song? Everyone knows that. Also pay the original composers.