This is a find. A while back the “History” page of the Dutch TV channel, VPRO—one of my favorite sites—posted some classic video from a show, Boeren en Bantoes (Boers and Bantus) from a 1960 program by the famed (by Dutch standards) broadcaster, GBJ Hiltermann, about a visit to South Africa. (The program was posted to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison.)

Watch it here.

For much of the program Hiltermann makes a special pleading for Apartheid’s rulers and its supporters, recycles their propaganda and rationalizing the bantustans and white supremacy. For example, he talks of speaking to “negers” (negroes) who are “min of meer ontwikkeld en bepaald niet dom zijn” (more or less developed and don’t appear dumb). No surprises since historians would later uncover Hiltermann as a Nazi symphatizer. But Boeren en Bantoes is also remarkable for other reasons:

Chief among these, is the that it contains rare footage of short, pointed statements by resistance leaders, including the very young Nelson Mandela, ANC leader and academic Z K Matthews, as well as “representatives” of Indian and coloured organizations–I think the first is a young Ahmed Kathrada and the second, someone identified as “die heer Lawless”). Finally, there’s a statement by Helen Joseph of the Congress of Democrats. They’re all interviewed in front of the Supreme Court in Pretoria during a treason trial.

h/t Bart Luirink.

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