Africa is a Country teams up with Coffebeans Routes to present a Cape Town concert series.

This month we will be kicking off a special partnership with Coffeebeans Routes to bring you a concert live from Cape Town on the last Thursday of every month.

This concert series is  a celebration of Coffeebeans Routes 10th year of existence. The organization is a cultural tourism company that just received an award for their dedication to “engaging people and culture” in the Cape Town region. Says founder and creative director Iain Harris: “We would like to share with the city and the world some of the best examples of music performance and composition that Cape Town has to offer.” Read more about the organization’s history, and their intimate connection to the Cape Town music landscape on their blog.

The first concert will be Thursday June, 25th 2015, and it will feature Loit Sols in collaboration Churchil Naude. It’s a fascinating partnership between Loit, a goema rymklets folk singer, and Churchil an Afrikaans hip hop artist. The show comes on the tails of Churchil’s debut album release on 24 May, Kroeskop vol Geraas, and their studio collaboration on the Wasgoedlyn project.

If you’re Cape Town you can join the festivities live. But if not, you can also just tune in here at Africa is a Country where we will be live streaming each concert.

And look out for deeper profiles on all the participating artists here on Africa is a Country.

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