Fresh Eyes: KB Mpofu’s moments of intimacy

We head to Zimbabwe for the continuation of our Fresh Eyes series. Based in Bulawayo, KB Mpofu is a self-taught photographer who shoots portraits, fashion editorials and NGO work.

With portraits in particular, the camera itself has a presence which heightens the intensity of the interplay between photographer and photographed. This is a delicate relationship to manage and it can manifest in myriad ways, not all of them pleasant. When viewing Mpofu’s work, the emotional nature of his photographic process reveals itself in the expressions of his subjects. Whether capturing moments of introspection or the everyday, Mpofu elicits a prevailing intimacy from the people he photographs. He memorializes his subjects in bouts of meditative calm as the light lays upon them.

In his own words:

My choice of subjects mostly comes from an instinctive place, resulting in some candid moments. I always back my instincts to see spontaneous photo opportunities around me. I am fascinated by the contrast between light and darkness and how it can be used to create a sense of anonymity. Lately I have been drawn into portraiture work that captures mood through light and composition.

Bulawayo, 2014

Light and Lines


Long day, Bulawayo 2014

Lobengula Street, Bulawayo 2014


Tina, Johannesburg 2013

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