A Rwandan storify: The sensational tale of Rwanda’s gospel-singer-terrorist

Stories shift quickly in our 24-hour news cycle. The sensational tale of Rwanda’s gospel-singer-terrorist is no exception. Authorities have attempted to shape the narrative and control the headlines. For better or worse, Rwanda’s embrace of social media allows us to see how a most clickable story unfolds, and changes, over a few weeks.

Kizito Mihigo has long been a face of popular reconciliation in Rwanda. But after he wrote a song that offended the wrong people–and after he allegedly connected with some shifty people–Kizito found himself in a world of trouble.

American journalist Steve Terrill is known for keeping a watchful eye on Rwanda’s opaque twitterati. He put this Storify together and shared it with Africa is a Country. Steve says he’ll be updating the Storify as new elements emerge. He invites you to send him suggestions and feedback. Just click through:

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