Wherever the sun is in the sky, it’s the right time for new music. Here’s this week’s collection.

French producer Débruit’s entrancing beats act as a surprisingly strong compliment to Sudanese singer Alsarah’s mesmerizing vocals. Gorgeous otherworldly visuals in the video for “Jibal Alnuba” off the two artists’ new collaboration album aljawal الجوال (The Traveler), blend with the music to make the whole ensemble an impressive creation.

Fata, Mbaye Dieye and Waly Seck demonstrate just how naturally hip-hop blends with popular Senegalese Mbalax rhythms in “Nguenté”.

MC/Singer Esperanzah Denswil from Holland by way of Suriname transforms into her captivating, resurrected alter ego Pink Oculus in her new single “Sweat”. And she certainly knows how to weave a story: “Legend has it that Pink Oculus once made a journey through the Egyptian desert with just a pouch of gold dust, 8 pairs of phoenix wings and a drink of water. This journey lasted 13 days and 13 nights and when she had found her way back to her homeland all her hair had gone from black to bright pink.”

The Finest Lady of South African house DJ CNDO delivers another addictive track with “Intokazi”.

Elevating Cameroonian hip-hop are JOVI and Eko Roosevelt in the jazz-infused “Bush Faller”.

Color saturated footage from the cellphone of South African producer MUZI acts as fitting visuals for the intense driving energy of his banger “SYMBOLS”. Download MUZI’s Bundu FX EP here.

Mozambican singer Kakana’s voice exudes positive vibes amidst vibrant colors in “Xiluva”.

Young South African singer Nakhane Toure proves he’s one to look out for in his passionate first single, “Fog”. In the video, simple black and white visuals show how complex identity can feel.

Leather and levitation characterize the high energy Duas Caras & Trez Agah track “Um em um milhão”.

Kanana and Rabbit are the Kenyan Bonnie and Clyde in “Ni Mapenzi Tu”.

And as a bonus this week we have the new single from Ghanaian singer Jojo Abot, the unique electronic-jazz fusion “Aim Straight”. With such a dynamic voice, Jojo is poised for takeover.

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