The ZAM Chronicle: an online investigative magazine on and from Africa

This month sees the launch of The ZAM Chronicle, a new monthly online investigative magazine with a highly ambitious mission: “to be a platform for grassroots, crowd-sourced observations on and from the African continent.” The ZAM Chronicle is born out of the Netherlands-based ZAM Magazine, which Africa is a Country readers will remember for its exciting and beautifully edited features on African artists, writers, opinion makers and journalism in general.

In The ZAM Chronicle’s first issue we find a collection of stellar in-depth reports on wide-ranging topics: Theophilus Abbah gives an overview of recent developments in Northern Nigeria, taking a close look at the deadly stand-off between the Nigerian state and the sectarian Boko Haram; Benon Herbert Oluka analyses the success of a community campaign in Uganda which did what ‘Stop Kony 2012’ and US$ 2 billion aid money did not; Kassim Mohamed writes about the Kafka-esque world of Somali refugees in Europe; Benon Herbert Oluka reports on the “The no-go zones of the Ugandan President”; and much more.

Here is the link to The ZAM Chronicle’s brand new website; to receive The ZAM Chronicle subscribe to their mailing list.

Photo Credit: Radio Netherlands

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