I have been a little silent lately here on AIAC. I’m gonna start posting more, although perhaps in briefer form (do visit duttyartz.com to see some of what I’ve been up to recently). For now I leave you with the White Mandingos:

While tapping into an Internet ethos which is totally unserious and trivializing (the Internet has turned us all punk?), there’s a maturity (introspection? sense of history?) in this that is lacking in most of the popular younger artists’ output (at least in my mind), making this better than 99% of American music released today. If you disagree, meet me in the comments section.

Further Reading

Reading List: Mutt_Lon

The books that the author, a Cameroonian novelist, has been reading share an ethics of political engagement, a quest for identity and cultural inventory, and an ear for the voices and harmonies of African languages.