Songs for Chipolopolo (or Africa Cup of Nations Playlist N°4)

By Charles Mafa*

It’s death or glory today for defending champions Zambia, who must beat Burkina Faso to make it to the quarter-finals. Anything less will be a major disappointment. Just in case the Chipolopolo boys need a confidence booster ahead of the big match, and so that they remember what this means to the fans back home, here’s our playlist of top Zambian tunes in praise of their heroes.

We start with “Vuvuzela” by Shimba Boyd, a very captivating song urging the Zambian team to show them how to play the game. A popular hit in bars, taverns and night clubs and also on both radio and television especially when Zambia is playing.

Next up it’s “Mad Chipolopolo”, a song by MADD featuring Rearn thanking God for the beautiful colours of Zambia. Orange (mineral wealth), green (vegetation) red (blood during independence) and black for the people.

Here’s MC Wabwino with “Chipololopolo” (a popular title this). Mkunsha Chembe, the elephant of Zambian music, doesn’t want to be left out as he sings Chipolopolo. (It’s Chipolopolo if you want to dance!).

If your enthusiasm hasn’t been stoked, it will be when you’ve heard Leo Muntu with “Zambia Let’s Go”. A popular track in bars, on radios and television. Top marks for dancing.

We’ll leave it with MC Wabwino to round things off. Here’s “Ona Kayako Chipolopolo”, another beauty from last year praising the dribbling skills of the Zambian players (listen for the name-checks).

* Charles Mafa is an award-winning investigative journalist based in Lusaka, Zambia. His personal website is The Investigator.

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