Paolo Patrizi’s photographs of ‘shrines to the shortcomings of globalization’

Italian photographer Paolo Patrizi says about his work on the “Italos”:

I used landscape shots to capture the phenomenon of Nigerian prostitution in Italy. My photographs contain the signs left behind by cars, waiting times and customers’ transactions. What emerges is a sub-human condition these women live daily. Some appear as if tricked by the idea that one day their prostitution status will be made legal. I have tried to deliver the emotion and the atmosphere of the eerie places I visited, thus allowing the viewer a glimpse of the littered makeshift sex-camps […] pits of dirt and abuse, shrines to the shortcomings of globalization.

You’ll find Patrizi’s full series here. (For more background on ‘The Italian-Nigerian Connection’: Orlando von Einsiedel’s documentary on the topic is informative: part I and II.)

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