A few people have emailed us about the not-so-new layout here at AIAC; mostly about finding old posts on this new layout. The main complaint: “When I am on your home page, I can’t find a way of accessing any recent posts older than ‘Latest posts’ or hope they’re in ‘Top posts’.” (Only the last posts appear on the main body of the front page along with a ‘Featured’ post.) True. Here’s some advice: Click on the ‘More…’ button at the bottom of the front page. That will take you to a blog version (dates descending) of AIAC. Or click on the ‘Archive’ widget on the right and choose a month, say ‘January 2012’, and all the posts for that month will appear in chronological order (by date descending). The other option: If you’re looking for a specific post, just use the ‘Search’ option at the top of the page in the header. Or, if you’re looking for the work of a specific blogger, click on her/his name. Hope that helps and keeps you reading.

Further Reading

When is a coup a coup?

Breaking with its habit of tolerating military coups, more recently the African Union has made it a policy to challenge unconstitutional transitions of power. Why not in Zimbabwe?