#Kony2012 is no joke (millions of people still send money to Invisible Children and one of its first public critics, a Canadian student who runs a tumblr blog called Visible Children, has received death treatsthreats), but it hasn’t stopped the comedians from coming out. Here’s a few floating around in our inboxes, or passed around on Facebook and Twitter. First up is “Tony 2012: Stop the Tiger,” by a comedy group, who seem to specialize in frat boy humor. Of course they have merchandise.

It’s not Youtube if someone does not make a “response video.” #Tony2012 already has one:

Then there’s the Australian “rap news agency” Juice Rap News. At least these guys have some politics.

Finally, since Invisible Children compared Kony to Adolf Hitler; you knew this was bound to happen. That Hitler meme on Youtube gets in on the act:

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