‘A Game’ is a short fiction film from 2010 by Sudanese director Marwa Zein, based on Italian novelist Alberto Moravia’s story ‘Let’s play a game’. Zein is one of the ‘Arab Women Filmmakers’ whose work will be screened and discussed at the Cervantes Institute in Berlin (with many of the directors attending). Other (older and new) films and directors are: Forbidden (Amal Ramsis), Kingdom of Women (Dahna Abourahme), Neither Allah, Nor Master (Nadia El Fani), Letter to my Sister (Habiba Djahnine), Damascus Roof and Tales of Paradise (Soudade Kaadan) and Lemon Flowers (Pamela Ghanimeh). A great selection. The series started earlier this week and runs till March 6. Details here. Trailer for the ‘festival’ here.

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