Not sure what it says about France that Dominique Strauss-Kahn (he is portrayed as a victim of a conspiracy) and David Beckham (a 36-year-old player is entrusted with bringing back gloss to French football) dominate the headlines there this week.

Meanwhile, a mix of French hip hop and smooth R&B continue to dominate my instalments of music from there.  This week is a short offering since I am going on vacation today.

First up,  Tunisian rapper Sniper featuring Sexion d’Assault with “Blood Diamondz.” You may remember that Sexion d’Assault was, until recently, known more for their homophobic outbursts than their music. They claimed to have left hate behind.

I promise to do an all-women post at some point.

For now, here are two: first, Marseille-born singer Kenza Farah featured on the song “Tous de la Fête” by Dibi Dobo (his family comes from Benin). Kenza Farah’s family is Kabyle from Algeria. This, btw, is the only actual music video I am featuring this week.

And second, Evanz, a singer discovered by La Fouine, with “Ton Silence.” (The song features rapper Soprano.)

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