Number three in this series.

On “Avec le sourire” (off his new album C’est Correct”–out November 14th) and over a sweet rhythm L’Algerino (you get his name) calls out far right French politician Marie le Pen. The youth movement of the Front National is not amused of course.

Last week I featured “force et honneur,” the first single of rapper Nessbeal’s new album “Sélection Naturelle” (out tomorrow). This week, here is “Soldat.”

Mister You and Colonel Reyel continue the black-Arab alliance over playstation and an apartment filled with beautiful people:

Finally, one of my favorites Corneille with “Des peres, des hommes et des frères” (fathers, men and brothers), featuring who else but La Fouine. (You’ll remember La Fouine from last week. He just won best French artist at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 held in Belfast. (He was up against David Guetta, Martin Solveig, Soprano and Ben l’oncle Soul.) La Fouine has finally been crowned French artist of the year.)

* Hinda Talhaoui is also known as Sean’s “French-Algerian connection.” Hinda grew up in Paris and now lives in New York City. She mines the playlists of her friends back home.

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