Must be our blog title.

Someone named STONE decides to vent on The Hill’s Congress Blog about US foreign aid in a piece about policing the already shrinking foreign aid budget that’s currently only 1.5% of all federal spending:

It does not matter how little the amount sent to foreign countries, it is the principal of the thing…why send aid to china, a country that continues to grow our debt and buy it up and yet we send them aid? why send aid to africa, we owe that country nothing, just as we owe nothing to every other country..we Americans fought our way out of our own tyranny and yet we did it…they should do the same without our help…we even had less and do less than those countries do now and yet we help them…why?

A few others think so too as we know, old school comedian Drew Carey (in this embarrassing video) and Sarah Palin, for example, have made the same mistake.

Though he was not born in Kenya, at least Barack Obama knows it’s a continent.

H/T: Amanda Makulec

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