In May South Africans go to the polls to vote for new local councils. With few surprises, the result should be predictable. But the parties are going through the electioneering motions. This includes coming up with election songs. Something people can dance to while you make promises from the stage. They all did the same in the 2009 national elections. That time the verdict was mixed. The ruling ANC is first out of the gate with a kwaito tune with the meaningless title: “Together we can build better communities.” If the tune sounds and the video looks familiar, it is because it is the work of kwaito producer Arthur Mafokate, whose songs sound like they were composed by a computer program and whose roster of mainly female artists–in this case Chomee–usually make up for deficient vocal skills with gyrations and short skirts. Here‘s a translation of the lyrics. Usually I’m a sucker, but I am not moved by these empty platitudes.

But that’s not the end of it. Now the provincial ANC in Gauteng province plan to launch their own version of the Pop Idol franchise. Serious. And the party would prefer that competitors sing songs about the liberation struggle not about their terrible life under ANC rule.

According to the ANC: “…This initiative is based on what young people of all races have said they want.”

As a friend remarked: I am sure that the #1 priority for youth of all races is another pop star. I can’t imagine what other needs are unfulfilled?

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