The website of South Africa’s ruling party was down for a minute after hackers took it over. The site is back up again. But given that lately ANC leaders make no distinction between political office and running businesses, I don’t know what’s the worry about:

The ANC has vowed to “unhack” its website after visitors were redirected to what seems to be a Turkish website which advertises food and shoes. On offer are products such as strawberries and peri-peri. ANC spokesperson and national executive committee member Jackson Mthembu said the hacking was in bad taste. “Those responsible for this do not want us to reach the electorate. This happened before. We are going to unhack it,” he said. Mthembu said the ANC would attempt to “unhack” the site by this evening. At 6:30pm it was still reverting to another website.

City Press.

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