This is not a post about Die Antwoord.

Gazelle (Xander Ferreira) first came attention with his infectious single “Verlore Seun” last year and in his videos dressed in his faux African dictator garb.  Who did not sing along to lyrics that go:

Sorry pappa ek moet die plaas verlaat/Want ek mis die blinke ligte te veel.*

Even Africa is a Country were beside ourselves. At the time Herman Wasserman wrote for us:

The title – ‘Verlore Seun’ (Prodigal Son) has a Biblical resonance as well, again echoing the religious metaphors from Afrikaner nationalist discourse, but now the feelings of Calvinist guilt are undercut by a playful irony, and the son also displays an ambiguous/camp gendered identity. This not just rejection, not just nostalgia – underneath the fun and exuberance, Afrikaans identity is still being negotiated, and it’s often more painful than playful.

Now’s Gazelle’s has a new video, above, for his single, “Just Now.”

The new video was film at the Art Basel Fair in Switzerland that’s maybe why the confused looks of the mostly white “extras” as a white man in Mobuto garb (as Robert Mugabe?) with two black “assistants” in tow, throw around fake money (that he got in a Swiss bank account?).

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