Is the first "quality" feature film out of Nollywood?

From a friend in London:

“… I attended the conference on African Film in the Digital Era yesterday and they were talking about The Figurine, a “quality” Nollywood movie [i.e. sound quality, acting, editing, etcetera] that recently premiered in London. Apparently, there’s been a whole media hype around it. I somehow missed it but … nearly 3,000 people turned up at the London premiere … I really don’t know whether 3,000 might have been exaggerated figure but it’s quite extraordinary. Apparently, the organizers managed to get a second screen so that they did not have to turn away people. They even tried to get a third one but they failed The director, Kunle Afolayan, also attended the event [Sunday] …”

Here’s the trailer:

And here’s a PR synopsis:

The Figurine

Genre: Thriller
Dir: Kunle Afolayan
Cast: Ramsey Nouah, Kunle Afolayan, Funlola Awofiyebi-Raimi
Running time: 120mins

Following on his successful debut feature, Kunle Afolayan offers another inspired drama as he makes his mark as one of the most imaginative filmmakers from Nollywood. The Figurine is the story of two childhood friends whose lives change after finding a figurine ARAROMIRE in an abandoned shrine as recruits in the national service. The two go on from a life of hustling in Lagos to become successful businessmen. According to ancient legend this mysterious figurine bestows seven years of good luck. However no one had told them about the next seven years. The bizarre occurrences that follow stretch their family lives and their friendship to the core. Revealing treachery and deception on all sides with outstanding and contrasting performances all round, especially from Ramsey Nouah who justifies the reputation as one of Nigerian top actors.


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