The Weekend Music break is here! Check out a round up of tunes and visuals that caught our ears and eyes at Africa is a Country headquarters this week!

Kicking things off, AIAC contributor Blitz the Ambassador has a new video for his tune Juju Girl.

French-Cuban Hip Hop Son twins Ibeyi are making their rounds in North America, and they seem to be having fun doing it!

Afrikan Boy celebrates his trans-continental identity on M.I.A. (Made in Africa).

Brazilian pop-electronic artist Silva shoots a beautiful portrait of Luanda.

Jneiro Jarel is a Viberian. I’m not sure what that is, but I’m liking it!

Busy Signal asks “What If” with impressive lyrical prowess! h/t @rishibonneville

Keeping it in the Caribbean, Champeta artist Mr. Black has a video and musical ode to the colorful sound-systems from the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

It’s been a heavy week in South Africa. So, let’s let Aero Manyelo and his fellow revelers lift us up with some Kwaito party vibes.

Afropop Worldwide shares a Benin roots-pop primer. Included is this interestingly shot video from Norberka.

And finally, Rihanna launches a discussion piece for your Saturday night dinner conversations

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