Azonto and its growing global reaches… Somebody should write a book about it. ‘Tribal Azonto’ above: Ghana via the UK — sampling South African electro? Next, from Accra proper, a rap convo with Trebla, Hotjam, EL and Stargo (and many other cameos):

Rap from a different kind and country: here’s a new video for Milk Coffee & Sugar (that’s Edgar Sekloka and Gaël Faye):

Nigerian D.i.s Guise’s track ‘Mr Bambe’ now has a video:

And one last rap. The video is older, but Tanzanian collective X Plastaz released the long (and excellent) Shule mixtape this week. Ziggylah’s ‘Bang Bang’ is on it:

‘Mabone’ is a dance tune by Lesotho-born Refiloe “Chocolate Soul” Thoahlane. It comes with a glorious video:

We haven’t included too many Mozambicans here recently. A pretty wild video for Dama do Bling’s poppy ‘Champion’:

More pop, from Uganda come Radio and Weasel (remember their 2010 classic ‘Heart Attack Vuvuzela’ — they’ve upped the production quality of their music videos since):

Meanwhile in London: DJ Yoda, Afrikan Boy and Soom T throwing a party on a bus:

And Melina Matrsoukass shot the video below in Jamaica for Chicago dance-hall duo Wild Belle’s (brother and sister in fact) track ‘Keep You’. It has elicited some interesting YouTube comments:

H/T’s to @zach_rosen, @TIholie (via @nemesisinc), @ianbirrell, @Tribalmagz, @25toLyf and @Birdseeding.

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