The estranged son of Ghanaian immigrants reared in Brescia wreaks havoc in Manchester:

“Why always me?” read the slogan on Mario Balotelli’s vest. Because, Mario, you’re clearly more than a little bit eccentric. But you do know how to score goals and, as long as that is the case, City will forgive him for whatever controversies come their way bearing his fingerprints. City’s own firestarter lit the fuse, put a rocket up United, set the game ablaze and every other firework pun going. You wouldn’t want to be his neighbour and it will be one hell of an autobiography one day, but that’s six goals in five games. The good outweighs the bad even if it is a close-run thing at times. And maybe he is learning: the old Mario would surely have lifted his shirt for his second goal, too, and collected a second card for his troubles.

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