This is either a bad joke, a brilliant art project or another Dutch viral campaign:

A group called Actie Lab (translated: Action Lab), based in Amsterdam, has found a way for Europeans to ‘help’ Africans by outsourcing protests to Malawi and South Africa. Basically you don’t have to do protesting anymore. You just fill out a form on Aksie Lab’s website and Aksielab “gets a bunch of Africans to protest for you.” They also do birthday greetings. In the video above a group of Africans do an on-demand protest around the Chinese government’s imprisonment of artist Ai Wei Wei. (He is now under house arrest.)

Since they started the “service” in May this year, Aksie Lab has had more than a few clients.

Not everyone thinks its a joke. For example, What’s Up Africa!’s Ikenna Azuike thinks it’s real and skewers it in the latest episode of his weekly Youtube broadcast.

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