Michael Kirkpatrick, the blogger known as International Global Citizen, has an idea:

There is an amazing amount of diversity on the continent of Africa. Unfortunately the focus of western media seems to be on death, destruction, danger, and disease in Africa. Americans would be offended if the world defined America through sensational murders, natural disasters, misguided political leaders, and epidemics. That’s exactly what we do to other parts of the world. The book cover “Understanding Africa for Dummies” is my tongue-in-cheek attempt to get people to think about how we perceive the rest of the world, especially Africa. I would like to see the book become a reality. Ignorance and misunderstanding is only alleviated through fair and objective education. I would like to bring together some of the finest Africans to be able to accurately represent the African narrative. Each chapter would focus on a unique subject matter: climate, the environment, education, government, history, trade, aid & development, politics, the arts, music, food, etc. Each chapter would be written by a respected African personality who is qualified to write about the subject matter.


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