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Sean Jacobs

Sean Jacobs, publisher of Africa is a Country, is on the faculty of The New School. He edits the substack, Eleven Named People.


Back from Safari

If you hadn’t noticed, we were on our annual break from just before Christmas 2021 until now. We are back, including with some inspiration.

Growing pains

For all the grief Afropunk gets, including its commercialization and appetite for expansion, it still manages to bring people, mostly black, together over two days for a pretty great party.

When the war is over

In his new book, the Ugandan academic Mahmood Mamdani argues that breaking cycles of violence requires collective action. He finds hope in the unfinished project of South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggle.

On Safari

What a year. Stay safe, wear a mask, social distance and when the vaccine becomes available where you are, get vaccinated.