On safari

For the 10th anniversary of the Marikana massacre, we are planning a public event on August 20th to reflect on its legacies.

Back from Safari

If you hadn't noticed, we were on our annual break from just before Christmas 2021 until now. We are back, including with some inspiration.

On Safari

What a year. Stay safe, wear a mask, social distance and when the vaccine becomes available where you are, get vaccinated.

On Safari

We are on our annual publishing break until August 28th. Please check our Twitter and Facebook pages for posts and updates until then.

On safari

We are not just marking the end of 2019, but also the end of a momentous, if frustrating decade for building a more humane, caring future for Africans.

Happy new year

In 2018, we hope to continue translating scholarly debates and high-level political and cultural analyses into accessible language.