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Basia Cummings

Basia Cummings is a writer and film critic based in London.


The Unruly Rush of the City

Julie Mehretu's canvases depict a public zone dichotomous to that of their own surrounding, brimming with a sense of the life of a city which we can never really know or measure, whose politics is alive but oddly incubated.

Styles and Genres

The best films of 2012 with African subjects as their focus: incredibly powerful and moving activist filmmaking that has documented the shifting politics of the continent.

To Bring the Beat Home

The documentary film, "Soul Power," captures a moment in African-American music during the 1970s exploring its own associations, testing its boundaries in Kinshasa, Zaire.

Chop Cassava

Five filmmaking collectives from the African continent that are reinterpreting and reinvigorating notions of collaboration and distribution.