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Basia Cummings

Basia Cummings is a writer and film critic based in London.


The cinema of liberation

The classic film, "Come Back, Africa" by Lionel Rogosin, first released in 1959, broke with how ‘white liberal’ politics imagined black people or tried to shape their struggles.

Shell brought me here

A BBC reporter visits the old fields of southeast Nigeria, the site of massive exploitation by Shell Oil--in a helicopter provided by Shell.

The talented Tajdin sisters

They're making a film about "a love story set in Cape Town South Africa that chronicles the life of Leila, a young Cape Malay girl who falls in love with an American boy, Derek, who happens to be black."

Out in Africa

Writing gays and lesbians into the political and social history of South Africa – a history from which LGBT people are so often obscured and ignored.