How to write like Binyavanga Wainana

This week on the AIAC podcast, we discuss a new posthumous collection of writing from Binyavanga Wainana.

Image © Hamish Hamilton.

In 2019, legendary African writer and public intellectual, Binyavanga Wainana, passed away. A few weeks ago, a collection of Wainana’s early writing was published as How To Write About Africa (Hamish Hamilton, 2022). On this special episode of AIAC Talk, we bring together Wainana’s friends and colleagues to discuss his towering legacy, and the lesser known writing, which demonstrated his irreverence, curiosity, and charity best.

The editor of the collection, Achal Prabhala is a writer, filmmaker and public health activist who lives in Bangalore, India. Neo Musangi is an experimental self-taught queer artist whose practice uses performance, text, visual and audio installations. Neo also teaches gender studies at American and St. Lawrence Universities. Dayo Forster is an internationally published novelist who also has a parallel career in financial inclusion. Originally from the Gambia, she lived in Kenya for several years.

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