World Refugee Day from the US-Mexico border

For World Refugee Day, Africa Is a Country Radio visited Tijuana, Mexico to talk with Josiane Moukam about what life is like for African migrants at the US border.

Josiane Moukam. Image courtesy Epsacio Migrante © 2022.

Africa Is a Country Radio put together a special show for Worldwide FM on World Refugee Day (June 20th). In it, we take a visit to the US-Mexico Border and interview Josiane Moukam, Cameroonian activist living in Tijuana who works with the Espacio Migrante, an organization that assists migrants who arrive in Tijuana from all over the world. We ask her about the experience of African migrants in Mexico in particular, and what the importance of World Refugee Day is to her. The interview was conducted by Africa Is a Country video director, Ebony Bailey.

Listen below, or on Worldwide FM and follow us on Mixcloud.

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