Malawi’s elections and feminist justice

This week's livestream, focuses on Malawi, as well as feminist justice. Stream it live Tuesdays on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter. Subscribe to our Patreon for the podcast archive.

Photo by Aditya Septiansyah on Unsplash

Last week on AIAC Talk we featured a discussion about the legacy of Kwame Nkrumah. The transcript of the interview with Anakwa Dwamena, who happens to be a contributing editor of Africa Is a Country, and Ben Talton, another frequent contributor and historian, was just published on Jacobin magazine’s website. Watch highlights from all our shows on our YouTube channel, where you can also watch an interview with Grieve Chelwa who is coordinating a project on “Climate Justice, Tax Justice and Extractives in African spaces.” (On the site, the series is archived as “Climate Politics.”) To access the entire show’s archive, download or listen as a podcast, subscribe to our Patreon.

Our next episode is this Tuesday, September 29, on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter at 12:00 EST and 17:00 GMT (that’s 6pm in Johannesburg and 5pm in Lagos). In that episode, we will talk to Michelle Chikaonda, a Malawian essayist, who wrote about the recent elections in Malawi for Africa Is a Country, and Jimmy Kainja, a media scholar, about what we can learn about the future of democracy from the Malawi example. We will also interview the legal scholar Sohela Surajpal on reimagining what we mean by feminist justice.

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