Fokn Bois in a Dutch village

It is not clear what Ghanaian duo Fokn Bois, on tour in the Netherlands, was doing visiting a boring Dutch town, Liesbeth. But it turned out to be fun.

Wanlov, one half of the Fokn Bois, talk to a Dutch TV crew (Screengrab).

I have to be honest; I had to Google Map the village of Lieshout to see where it exactly lays. And as a matter of fact I, as a Dutch person, never even knew that it’s the hometown of beer brand Bavaria, which is a pretty popular beer here (the brand also has Charlie Sheen do ads for them and got into trouble at the 2010 World Cup for its “ambush marketing“). So thanks to the Fokn Bois, I’ve learned something about my own country.

M$nsa and Wanlov stand in a field in Liesbeth.

In this six minute video we see the two rappers from Ghana visiting the town of the group’s, I presume, sponsor. It’s a nice introductory video for those unfamiliar with the two. You can read one of our earlier blogs on them here. Even after watching the interview more than once, it’s still not clear, apart from the brand name being mentioned, what’s so special about the two being in Lieshout. As one Youtube commenter wrote: “them fokn bois in the land of patat and windmills.”


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