Today’s Ugandan Independence Day. Over to the very popular Radio and Weasel and “Toko Toko” (Talk And Talk). Sample lyric: “They can do thee talk / But I will do thee walk.” Not sure if they’re talking politics as people–well opponents of Life President Yoweri Museveni have been walking a lot in Uganda these days. As for Radio and Weasel, by the end of the video they fly:

No celebration happens without Bobi Wine. Here he has a verse on Wilson Bugembe’s latest.

Angella Kalule is an exponent of the breezy style that Ugandan musicians own. Here’s her tune “Katikitiki”:


And so is Iryn Namubiru. The video is a bit ridiculous:


BTW, what’s with the overwhelming pop (and bling) sensitivity of Ugandan hip hop music? It’s like Puffy took his shiny suits and migrated to Kampala. Anyway first up Mun J’s “Gira Tugire,” above.

Finally, more hip hop courtesy of Baboon Forrest (yeh, that’s the group’s name) with “Sesetula”

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