What’s to celebrate on independence day in the land of the current chairman of the African Union? Not much, when reading what Guinean writer (in exile) Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel publishes on his blog. Or it should be the construction of those presidential villas. (At least they’ll be of some use during next year’s African Nations Cup.) Let’s try it anyway. Melitón Pablo Mangué tells us Guineans are dancing to the tunes of Mbini (‘Misek Bi Nnem’) and Antorcha De Zaragoza (‘Nza Ve Me Nnom’) at the moment, although the videos haven’t surfaced on the net yet — let us know when you find them. Recent hits that do come with a video are:

Fifi La Mirey’s ‘Angon Osok’:


Luis Mbomio’s shiny Faya Faya:


A classic by Tawola Mesam. ‘Bicomsua’:

Sandra Star and ‘Her Thing’:

Yuma’s throwing a party:

And some Equatoguinean Spanish (Spanish is one of EG’s two official languages — French being the other one) hip hop to end. Verso Roto’s ‘Arte Sagrado’:

Here’s a good blog to follow up on what’s new in Equatorial Guinea hip hop.

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