Weekend Music Break No.76

Y'en a Marre in Madrid

We took a break last week, but we’re back experimenting with a new format. This Weekend’s Music Break is in the form of a Youtube playlist so you can just hit play, sit back, and enjoy. Let us know if you have any thoughts about the new format in the comments!

Our selection this weekend is: A dedication to today’s Champion’s League Final with the Eto’o Coupe Decale dance; P-Square and Awilo Longomba’s new “Enemy Solo”; Angola’s Mery with “Fogo cruzado” feat. Ksuno Beat; South African rapper Boolz with “Aphe Kapa”; Nigerian-American rapper hits the studio with friends in “Roslin’s Basement”; Italian-Moroccan rapper Maruego brings a controversial subject to the small screen with “Sulla stessa barca,” which translates to something like, “we are all in the same boat.”; A group of DJs from around the world collaborate on an impressive live “Scratch Jam”; Lisbon’s Batida releases a video for beautiful “Ta Doce” feat. AF Diaphra; Haiti’s Beken sings “Tounen Lakay” in a live session; Finally, Y’en a Marre gets a half-hour documentary on MTV’s rebel music series.

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