Your weekly dose of 10 new music videos. First up, from Kenya, Muthoni The Drummer Queen’s ode to Nairobi:

M.anifest, “Ghana man since 19 kojo-hoho”:

Indocile is a hip-hop crew from Liège, Belgium:

South of Belgium, representing the Congolese diaspora in France, new work by Black Bazar:

Ol’Kainry (representing Benin) and Youssoupha bring their version of that Pusha T & Kendrick Lamar ‘Nostalgia’ video from earlier this month:

Davido’s Skelewu already had an instructional dance video (accompanied by some controversy), but it comes with a new story now:

Cape Town’s winding mountain roads were made for longboarding — assuming you’ve seen this one already:

DJ Kent gets help from pop duo The Arrows on ‘Spin My World’:

Toro y Moi (an AIAC favorite) remixed Billie Holiday a while ago:

And a last South African tune to get your weekend started, courtesy Character, Oskido and Mono-T: ‘Inxeba Lendoda’:

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