The hipsters at Vice.TV produce original video reporting–which sways between brilliant and annoying. They’ve also become more important now that CNN has signed a deal with them to put Vice content on CNN’s platforms.

About being brilliant or annoying or both at the same time, go check out their most recent “report” on Liberia which you can watch in 8 parts at their website.

I have tried not to say something anything about the Liberia episode since I first saw it online last month. Some other US based blogs heavy on African content have:  like Yale political scientist, Chris Blattman and Journey Without Maps (they both hated it), or My Heart’s in Accra (he swings both ways as well as Scarlett Lion (she can’t see it in Liberia; slow internet), to name a few.

My comment is short: All I can say is if you’re going to check out a substantive piece of writing or video on recent developments in Liberia, I’d rather read the two-part “Letter from Liberia” by Zadie Smith (no relation to Vice’s Shane Smith).

Please don’t let these guys near Congo.

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