World Cup 2018

Is France's World Cup championship team a bellwether for France's political future?

The author, French: "When the game is over in Russia, I’ll go play another at the field down the street. I’ll find a song to sing on the way."

The 2010 World Cup was tumultuous for France; both an athletic failure and a site of social conflict. The French Football Federation doesn't want to repeat it.

Fascists love Kylian Mbappé and hate Karim Benzema. Between these two lies the problem of romanticizing the French team as an African team.

A possible French victory hovers like a thin layer of hope that barely veils the simmering anger at France’s neglect of the islands and pessimism about the future.

Focusing on sports allegiance to Nigeria, offered a break from pondering over all of its social ills.

In 1982, Reinaldo, a striker prone to making black power salutes, was left out out of Brazil's World Cup squad.

Watching the World Cup with a young Nigerian professional footballer in Seattle, U.S.

The success of Belgium's national football team as a key site for political struggles over identity, race and immigration.

en ce moment, le plus français de tous les français est un gamin noir d’origine algérienne et camerounaise nommé Kylian Mbappé.

Soccer came to Ghana with “a Jamaican educationist." That's the popular version. It's not entirely correct.

You want to troll French fascists? Tell them the truth: the most French man in the world right now is a black kid called Kylian Mbappé.

At Italia 1990, Cameroon pulled off the greatest upsets in football in the history of the World Cup--against Maradona's Argentina.

One of the weirder displays of Pan-Africanism descended on Johannesburg’s Soccer City on the evening of July 2, 2010.

Brazilians have a complicated relationship to the Seleção, clouded by political crises, the parliamentary coup and the decline of a national style.

Two of Africa's standout talents at Russia 2018--Moussa Wague and Francis Uzoho--were shaped by a football academy in Qatar. A new book tells that story.

In Jamaica, which is always in need of healthy distraction, football is King and everyone at heart is a Brazilian. Since 1958.

Watching the World Cup in Finland and Estonia. Sample: "Finns just aren’t very good at, nor are they voracious consumers of the game." As for Estonians, read on.

When Germany played Brazil in the 2002 World Cup final, who would French fans in Paris root for?

Most national teams have 12 starting players — 11 on the field, and their fans in the stands. Brazil’s has a 13th player: Haitains.