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Laurent Dubois

Laurent Dubois, historian, is the author of 'Soccer Empire' and The Language of the Game.'


Who is Didier Drogba?

Drogba became one of the most famous footballers of his generation thanks to his time at Chelsea, but he never won a major tournament for his national team.

A History in Fragments

The recent explosions in the Stade de France was one of the most surreal things to ever take place in a stadium built nearly two decades ago specifically to house history.

Jogo Bonito

Preparations for the 2014 World Cup have served as a trigger for what may become a major political and social movement in Brazil.

The Blood of the Impure

The French national anthem is a pretty nasty song. It dreams, in one of its more memorable verses, that the “blood of the impure” will “irrigate our fields.”

Who are you rooting for

The historian Laurent Dubois watches the African Cup of Nations in Senegal and can’t help mix it up with the history of colonialism and neo-colonialism in the region.