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Elliot Ross

Elliot Ross is a former editorial board member of Africa is a Country.


Consuming Africa

If the image of the starving black child has been deemed obsolete, then so has the Western “we” that claimed so much power for itself in the late 1980s.

The Next James Bond

The Bond franchise has a white casting problem, but at least it has made peace with Britain and its institutions’ marginal position within world affairs.

African Men

The video, “African Men. Hollywood Stereotypes,” made by an American NGO, is part of the “Brand Africa” discourse that’s all the rage now.

A miserable fraud

The power to choose on social media who is to be the next target of America’s moral manhunt, all with the benediction of a panel of biddable celebrities.

Super Bowl Predictions

The only way to sustain interest in the lives of African and African American NFL players is to either talk about their personal tragedy or show how moved they are by the plight of other black people.

Pizza Aid

What happens when humanitarian agencies ditch the tried-and-trusted fundraising method of splashing disaster porn across screens and news pages?

An African in the Arctic

One of the key Greenpeace activists making an assault on oil drilling in Greenland is a political activist who was regularly arrested by South African police under apartheid.