Troubled times in Egypt

On this week's AIAC Podcast: A decade after the Arab Spring, Egypt faces troubled times. Could we see another uprising?

Image credit Simon Matzinger via CC BY 2.0.

Will is joined by returning guest, Nihal El Aasar, to discuss the roots of Egypt’s ongoing economic crisis. In The New Arab, Nihal argues that “These conditions eventually became the economic foundations of the Arab Spring, the 2011 uprisings that gave us the famous slogan ‘Aish, Horreya, Adala Egtema’eya,’ meaning ‘Bread, Freedom & Social Justice’.” Could Egypt be heading towards another cycle of social revolt? Or does Sisi’s regime of brutal repression, which includes the ongoing imprisonment of thousands of activists (like Alaa Abd El-Fattah), make organizing on the scale required unlikely. Nihal is an Egyptian writer and researcher based in London and has contributed to various publications, including Jacobin, Verso, and Africa Is A Country.

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