Are the Russians really coming?

Russia has invaded Ukraine. Its growing involvement in Africa raises questions about what a war in Europe means south of the Mediterranean. We discuss this with John Lechner on the AIAC Podcast.

Image by, CC Licensed.

Earlier this week, AIAC editor Sean Jacobs asked: “Where do African countries fall in the threatened invasion of Ukraine by Russia? Will African states side with the US or their European allies or with Russia?” The question is no longer speculative: Russia has invaded Ukraine. As Russia seeks expansion at its borders, its expanding influence beyond its borders is viewed as a push for global hegemony against the US, EU and China. Is Russia’s involvement on the continent just part of another scramble for Africa? Does Africa have any agency?

Will chats with John Lechner about whether Russia seeks influence for its own sake, or whether its motives are more nuanced. And whether, war with Ukraine means African countries will at some point, have to pick a side. John is a freelance journalist writing on the politics of the former Soviet Union, Turkey, and Africa, and is a recent graduate from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

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