Capitalism Mtaani at the Dandora dumpsite

In the third video for our Nairobi edition of Capitalism in My City, Gacheke Gachihi visits a site of environmental injustice.

Still from Capitalism In My City.

The video is shot at sites of working class struggle. These are the informal settlements of Mathare and Dandora. These areas continue to experience the human rights violations of police brutality, enforced disappearance, and environmental injustice due to waste dumping by local and international companies.

Dandora Dumpsite in Dandora is one of the largest dumping sites in Nairobi City. The dumpsite is a symbol of neoliberal globalization whose effects of poverty, exploitation, poor health, and environmental degradation are felt by the poor.

Mathare Social Justice Centre, Mathare Green Movement, and the Organic Intellectuals Network within the social justice movement have been organizing against these social injustices through the Capitalism in My City project. It is part of creating collective consciousness on ecological justice and human rights in today’s capitalist crisis.

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