Further left field than the “Million Miles” video for Tunde Adebimpe and his TV On The Radio band you won’t get them this week, but Myspace won’t let me embed it. Damn. No worries, here are ten other videos. First up, set in Cape Town, a creative video for Alec Lomami, Sammus and Badi Banx (also known as “The Belgian-Congolese Connection”):

Another Belgian connection here, with roots in Rwanda: Stromae’s new album is a hit. Trust the YouTube numbers for this video (35 million views, and counting), the local press, and his other videos:

There’s South African Ill Skillz, representing Gugulethu:

Moving to Tanzania, Africanhiphop.com shared this new Saigon/Deplowmatz video recently. Child of a diplomat:

Kenrazy — Kenyan label Grandpa still putting in the hardest work — has a new tune out:

This one via GetMziki: Shikow FemiOne freestyles on Nairobi’s Home Boyz Radio with Dj Finalkut:

Loving these understated beats from Ghanaian Joey B:

A rare and beautiful South African collaboration between Jet Black Camaro’s shoe-gaze guitars and inspiring vocals courtesy of Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness:

More guitars: Malian band Tamikrest wowing European crowds in this video for “Imanin bas zihoun”, a new song off their forthcoming new album. Soon out on Glitterbeat Records:

And a Tiny Desk Concert from Buika, who brings “La Noche Mas Larga” and “La Nave Del Olvido”:

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